iEARN г۳

iEARN - /糽 ݻ /

"гٳٵ ݻ ˻ ˳ "

iEARN 糽 ѻѳϳ ó߳ó ˳ 100 ݻ: г۳ iEARN 2000. - ٳϳϳ 񳹳: ݻ ٵ ӳ ݳϳ ٳݳ: سݳ ѳ ϳݻ ݻ ѻ dz dzݳ ݳ ѳ ˳ ݻ ѳϳݻ ϻݻ ѻ, ͳóݳ ѻ ݻ ߳, ݻ ݹݻ dz , ɻ ﳷͻ ѻѳϳ ϳ ݻ :


iEARN in Armenia

iEARN - International Education and Resource Network

"Connecting Youth Making a Difference in the World"

iEARN - the international telecommunication educational-cultural program is functioning in over 100 countries in the world. It started its activities in Armenia in 2000 when in National
Children's library after Khnko-Aper a group of schools was involved into this program.
Participating in this program Armenian students together with their teachers gained a wonderful opportunity to communicate with peers and colleagues from other countries, to become familiar with different cultures, customs and traditions of both far and close countries not only from books, but also using modern means of telecommunication during their educational process.


Supported by a grant from the OSI Assistance Foundation